This way you can send us your pictures:

It is very important that you send us a good quality of your pictures! It is important that your pictures have a resolution of 300dpi. The size of the image is not relevant, we can adjust the size. 300dpi means the resolution of the image, so that the quality becomes high when printing it needs this resolution. You should send us the pictures as jpeg files.


It is very important that you send us the images in CMYK color mode! Only in this color mode it is possible to achieve a good color reproduction. All other colour modes are not suitable for printing and colour deviations may occur. Usually the pictures are then darker with the print in comparison to the screen view. We cannot give any guarantee if the images are not provided in CMYK colour mode. If you don't know how to convert your images to CMYK color mode, ask someone who is familiar with Photoshop.

Please choose your name and the name of the artwork for the file name of your pictures, which you have indicated in the order form. Only in this way it is possible for us to assign your picture exactly. E.g. Sample "FranzDergrosseSee.jpeg"

You can send us all the pictures at once via the wetransfer platform. This platform works very simply. We have put together a small guide for you here.

With this link you get to the page: WETRANSFER, choose the free file transfer!